We are a production company built for the new era of diversity celebration.

We are a female owned and operated multimedia production company built for the new era of real diversity celebration.

We operate with two goals in mind: to create state-of-the-art, relevant, inspiring content; and to elevate diversity in the creative industry.

Our proudly colorful team has developed and produced over 450 successful multimedia projects.

We bring hope, positivity, empowerment and smart entertainment to our community.

We are living in the truth-telling era and there is no turning back. Customers do not relate to content that doesn’t reflect them anymore. We pledge to always do our part and embrace all kinds of individual differences.

We do

  • MULTIMEDIA PRODUCTION All kinds of storytelling are valid
  • CREATIVE DEVELOPMENT We help you getting there
  • LOCAL PRODUCTION SUPPORT Want to shoot in the US, London or Brazil but don’t know how? Call us now!
  • BRANDED CONTENT Ready to have a REAL conversation with your customers?
  • STREAMING SERVICES For the times we need to tell stories from a distance
  • EVENTS & BRAND ACTIVATION Gatherings, influencer actions, pop ups, stunts and more